Climate Change, Ocean Acidification + Art + Craft

The Institute for Figuring

The Institute for Figuring

For the past 10 years, sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim have been leading a collaborative crochet project to build visual models of healthy and unhealthy coral reefs.

The sisters Wertheim weave science and math into their dynamic crochet coral reef exhibits.

Check out Margaret's TED talk on the project: Here

Place-Based Education by Getting Smart

Find more at Get Smart

Find more at Get Smart

Project Based Education

We know our environment needs innovative, collaborative and creative solutions.

There is no end to the work students can do to improve our environment. For example, students monitor energy usage in schools, they decrease food waste, plant gardens, restore native ecosystems and collect ecological data.

Check out Washington Green School school projects to "green" your school.


And, find helpful teaching Resources such as the Pacific Education Institute's

Project Based Learning Model or Designing High-Impact Field Experiences

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