Fire Camp Solid Waste Management and Recycling Response
Those hired will be working directly with our team and fire responders in the field witnessing the ecological impact of wildland fires and operations with an opportunity to provide recycling services so as to create a safe and healthy working environment. This position will provide hands-on field experience setting up and maintaining low-waste working camps in or near burning areas. Employees will gain knowledge on building effective waste management systems with a focus on waste reduction while collaborating with an interagency field team. An interest and passion for education is required as employees will be presenting and training various field crews and agencies in waste management/sustainability strategy. Those selected will gain experience in collaboration, management, leadership, and backcountry field skills needed for biological field technician positions.

Physical Qualifications:

- Ability to lift 50lbs or more

- A willingness, flexibility, and enthusiasm for outdoor camping, living, and working for extended periods of time in unpredictable weather conditions including those created by the fires

- Ability to stand on your feet and walk for extended periods of time

Other Qualifications:

- Adaptability and flexibility with changing and unpredictable daily duties

- Ability to respond within 24 hours of receiving dispatch call

- Must be able to get yourself to the site, transportation not provided, (with exception to those hauling waste and recycling – vehicles will be provided for this task)

- Interest in waste management practices with a focus towards zero waste

- Familiarity and interest in the outdoors and the various ecological impacts of forest fires and climate change. - Must have valid drivers license, vehicle insurance, and health insurance

- Self-motivated, hardworking individuals with an ability to manage potentially chaotic and stressful situations with tact encouraged to apply.

- Those interested in fire management on the ecological and first-response levels, encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements:


-Statement of interest that includes responses to the following questions:

1. When you think of waste, what do you think of?

2. If you could invent a solution to better handle trash, what would it be?

References with email addresses and phone numbers


Hannah Johnson