The Phoenix Rising School - Educational Facilitator

5/8/2012 to 5/21/2012

Job Description

Title of Position: Educational Facilitator

Organization: The Phoenix Rising School

Accepting Applications Date(s) and Time(s): May 1 to May 21

Address: PO Box 1010

City: Rainier


Zip: 98576

Link to full job description:

Description: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are innovative and passionate to change how we educate tomorrow's leaders, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to do so...

The Phoenix Rising School (PRS) is a progressive private school located in rural Rainier, WA in its second year.  Above all, it is a school of the future. Among many exciting changes taking place, we are building an educational partnership between our students and our facilitators that offers a unique learning environment for all. Through a focus on theme, differentiated, and process-based instruction, we offer multi-age interaction, four-seasons schooling, and an integration of nature and the outdoors. We charge students to take an active and meaningful role in their education and offer our facilitators the freedom to be creative with their instruction and curriculum. Our organizational framework is built around our commitment to our "4R's":

  • Recognition of Oneness:   understanding our impact on ourselves and our environment knowing we are all connected through our attitudes, thoughts, and actions.
  • Relevance: finding personal meaning in knowledge gained through our own experiences.
  • Relationships: building thoughtful relationships within our environment that establish and reinforce our connection with our world.
  • Reflection: pausing after an experience to identify wisdom gained and opportunity for further expansion.
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