Intern- Point Defiance Zoo

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The Rocky Shores/Tundra internship program at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is designed to provide participants with practical, hands-on learning opportunities and knowledge in the field of animal husbandry. In return, the intern makes a significant contribution to the daily operation of the Rocky Shores/Tundra exhibit area.

The Rocky Shores/Tundra exhibit area has a diverse collection of marine mammal, seabird and tundra species with specific husbandry and dietary concerns.

The internship is designed to provide instruction in the following areas:

1.  Animal Husbandry
• Cleaning and general maintenance of exhibits and holding areas
• Animal observations and record keeping

2.  Nutrition and Diets
• Diet preparation
• Nutritional values of various species of fish and invertebrate species
• Appropriate vitamin supplementation

3.  Environmental Enrichment
• Implementation and analysis
• Design/construct new enrichment

4.  Public Presentation/Interpretation
• Presentation messaging
• Post-presentation Q & A

5.  Animal Species
• Natural history
• Behavior
• Scientific names

6.  Animal Training and Husbandry
• Operant conditioning/positive reinforcement
• Schedules of reinforcement
• Secondary reinforcers
• Benefits of training

7.  Water Quality and Filtration
• Ozone and the filtration processes
• Water quality parameters and monitoring

Application Due January 6, 2017
Questions: Contact Cathleen McConnell at