Grants, Scholarships, Contests & Awards

Core Fulbright Scholar Program
Application Due: August 1, 2017
"The Core Fulbright Scholar Program offers over 500 teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries. Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars and many others. In addition to several new program models designed to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals, Fulbright is offering more opportunities for flexible, multi-country grants."

NOAA Climate Program Grant
Applications Due: Monday, September 11, 2017, 5:00pm

NOAA announced funding for climate research programs. Eligible programs can include research to improve observations and monitoring of the climate system, advance understanding of the climate, improvements in modeling and prediction, community engagement related to climate change, and research on interactions between climate and society. Applicants are encouraged to support the principles of diversity and inclusion when writing their proposals and performing their work.

Washington state teacher Scholarships for Endorsements

The Educator Retooling Conditional Scholarship Program provides financial support to Washington State certified teachers who seek to expand their knowledge and skills by adding endorsements in subject or geographic shortage areas. This includes the Environment and Sustainability Endorsement.

This program is administered jointly by the Professional Educator Standards Board (responsible for selecting recipients) and the Washington Student Achievement Council (responsible for distributing awards). Funding for this program is dependent upon annual budget appropriations from the Washington State legislature. The state laws establishing this program include the RCWs on Retooling (28A.660.045) and Conditional Scholarship Programs (28A.660.050). Educators need to obtain administrative support and submit complete application materials to be considered for an award.

Residency for Scientists/Ecologists

Organization: PLAYA
Location: Summer Lake, Oregon
Registration Deadline: September 1, 2017, 8:59pm

Residencies of two and four weeks at PLAYA, a remote residency location in Oregon for scientists and artists. Time to do creative work in a beautiful natural setting. Deadline for spring 2018 residencies is September 1, 2017.

Call for Papers: Special Issues of "Connected Science Learning" journal

Organization: Connected Science Learning
Deadline: July 15, 2017

The new journal, Connected Science Learning, has two upcoming special issues relevant to our work, and I strongly encourage you to consider a submission: Issue 5 – STEM Learning in Environmental Settings (due July 15 2017) Issue 6 - STEM Learning Through Citizen Science Experiences Submissions (due September 15, 2017)

The new journal, Connected Science Learning, has two upcoming special issues relevant to our work, and I strongly encourage you to consider a submission.

Issue 5 – STEM Learning in Environmental Settings
Submissions due June 15, 2017 – Submission deadline is extended to July 15, 2017
Published in Winter 2017
Issue 6 - STEM Learning Through Citizen Science Experiences
Submissions due September 15, 2017
Published in Spring 2018

The journal focuses on effective collaborations between in-school and out-of-school STEM organizations/institutions and is a joint effort of NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) and ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers).

Each issue of the journal is released in three parts, over a three-month period. While each issue has a theme, they also seek submissions that match the general goals of the journal, but may not deal with the theme of the issue.
Please contact Dennis Schatz (schatz@pacsci.org), the Field Editor of the journal, if you have any questions or want to discuss a possible topic for a contribution.  Also, please share this information with other colleagues who are involved in projects that match the goals of the journal.

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