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Educator 2 Educator
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Educator 2 Educator Initiatives


"How do you sustain initial educator connections over time, in a way that sets up frameworks for real world objectives and success?”

The E2E initiatives increase our ability to bring sustainability and system learning to scale across Washington State. These partnership 
initiatives build teams of formall and non-formal education leaders to increase robust opportunities for relevant, real-world, place based learning for students, and to support those activities with professionally coordinated evaluation and research. 

Parts of the E2E Initiative:

How it Works:

The E2E Initiatives form teams of students, community members, formal education professionals (staff, teachers, principals, superintendents, etc.) and informal education providers to:

  • Inspire connections and understand ways to systematize programs between formal and informal educators 
  • Address "persistent problems of practice” in school districts 
  • Implement one or more portions of schools’ Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plans 
  • Develop resources to support local education projects and activities. Because partners have independence, and diverse opportunities for growth, E2E Initiatives may take many forms. 


The Educator 2 Educator (E2E) Workshop Series

The Educator 2 Educator workshops are one-day conferences providing formal and informal educator teams the space to work effectively together to enhance student subject area learning, to prepare learners for increased success and engagement in their lives and careers. 

Workshops are held in local areas around Washington State, and the topics include:  
  • Learning about strategies and tools for integrating environment and sustainability education (ESE) with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.   
  • Contributing to the development of local and regional environment and sustainability education professional learning communities.   
  • Learning about developing outdoor field experiences and project-based learning that matches student-learning requirements.   
  • Exchanging ideas, experiences, and powerful practices that help develop new perspectives and approaches to building connections for short and long term measurable impacts in student learning.  

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New and continuing workshops are being planned. Contact us today with partnership ideas to bringing this innovative workshop model to your community.

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The Educator 2 Educator (E2E) Local Initiative


The goal of E2E Local project is to weave together formal K-12 and informal education sectors to create a system of excellence in instruction that provides Washington students with real-world, 21st century STEM learning opportunities and prepares them for success in school, college, work and life.  The E2E Local Initiative is taking place between seven innovative school districts across Washington State and is sponsored by the U.S. EPA and Boeing Company.  

The major activities of the E2E Local Initiative are:
  1. Development of four leadership teams from each school district, comprised of administrators, teachers, students, informal educators and community members 
  2. Implementation by each district of at least one goal and strategy from Washington State’s Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan 
  3. Completion and piloting of a professional development workshop for - and year-round follow up with - formal and informal educator teams within the school district to achieve the goals of the initiative  

When the multiple strategies above are seamlessly employed helping teachers and informal educators to deliver quality STEM learning opportunities for students, and when they are are guided by proven frameworks and tools and sustained over time, the likelihood of success is great.

For more information on this initiative and its activities,
contact the E3 office today.

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The Educator 2 Educator (E2E) Northwest Region Initiative


The goal of the Educator to Educator Initiative for Student Learning: A Pacific Northwest Model for Collective Impact (the E2E Regional Initiative) is to develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate a replicable model for classroom-to-community-and-back environmental education / environmental and sustainability education (EE/ESE) in the Pacific Northwest (AK, ID, OR, WA). This initiative is sponsored by the U.S. EPA.

The exchange of ideas and resources developed through this model will create a stronger environmental and sustainability literacy network across the region.

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The E2E Regional initiative addresses two critical questions in the field of EE/ESE.      
  • "What are the multiple strategies needed in order to link classroom and community-based educators for increased student learning and environmental stewardship?” 
  • "What is the system, from the classroom to the community, up to the state, regional and national levels that is needed for implementation of state environmental literacy plans?” 

Addressing both questions will result in a model that
  1. Provides a picture of the current and desired system, 
  2. Speaks to the strategies, resources, and tools needed to move toward the desired state, and 
  3. Paints a picture of the collaborative work of local, state, regional and national partners that are available to sustain such a model today.

Gain access to the resources and innovation being developed through this initiative!

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