Environmental Educator/
FieldSTEM® Coordinator


Organizations: The Kittitas Environmental Education Network (KEEN) and the Pacific Education Institute (PEI)
Location: Ellensburg, WA
Job Posted: April 6, 2018 open until filled. Applications will be reviewed starting on April 13, 2018.

Job Type: This is a 20 hour per week, 0.5 FTE position to begin in May or June of 2018. Wages are $20.00 ‐$30.00 per hour dependent on successful applicant’s qualifications and experience. PEI/KEEN offer a competitive Employee Benefit Plan prorated based on FTE level and includes paid
holidays, vacation/sick leave, health, vision, dental, retirement and life insurance benefits.

Job Description

The Kittitas Environmental Education Network (KEEN) and the Pacific Education Institute (PEI) seek an Environmental Educator/FieldSTEM Coordinator in Ellensburg, WA. This position is jointly funded to serve both KEEN and PEI. As PEI’s Central Washington FieldSTEM Coordinator the person in this position will serve as the regional point of contact for PEI; create and maintain partnerships with school districts,
educational leaders, and informal educators and local agricultural, natural resource, environmental science professionals; and facilitate planning and implementation of PEI and FieldSTEM projects. As KEEN’s Environmental Educator the person in this position will establish a sustainable model for outdoor education for local preK‐12 students in schools, afterschool programs, during free summer lunches in community parks, and at KEEN’s Pond to Pines summer camp by designing, administering, and implementing outdoor learning experiences.

Primary Responsibilities

Represent PEI and KEEN in the Central Washington Region

  • Be a positive ambassador of PEI/KEEN’s programs and work within the mission to implement PEI/KEEN’s strategic plan goals.
  • Provide regional planning, support and reporting for PEI/KEEN.
  • Attend statewide PEI program professional learning workshops/retreats.
  • Generate regional media for PEI/KEEN’s social marketing and outreach efforts.
  • Serve on KEEN’s Education Committee.

School District, School Building and Teacher Networking

  •  Engage and recruit districts, schools and teachers to initiate systemic FieldSTEM implementation.
  • Conduct a FieldSTEM assessment annually with districts, schools and teachers to determine implementation status and track progress.
  • Facilitate the on‐going work of districts and schools to embed FieldSTEM.
  • Inform districts and schools about opportunities for field‐based science education.
  • Work with PEI Program Director to develop a cadre of Teacher Leaders to function as the point of contact for teachers in their district regarding implementation of the FieldSTEM model. Provide leadership, support and expertise to the Teacher Leaders.

Professional Learning and Regional Meeting Coordination

  • Coordinate professional learning opportunities; working with PEI Faculty, Facilitators and staff to create outcomes, secure facilities, assist with outreach, provide a PEI presence at the event, assist with follow up and evaluation. Coordinate Regional meetings to communicate with teachers, district liaisons, consultants, business and organization partners, and other stakeholders as needed.
  • Work with PEI Program Director to develop a cadre of FieldSTEM Facilitators to offer FieldSTEM workshops.
  • Coordinate FieldSTEM workshops and training for formal and informal educators and community partners as needed.
  • Facilitate professional learning opportunities when appropriate.

Community Partner Development

  • Conduct and maintain a community asset inventory identifying partners (businesses, NGO’s, federal and state agencies, etc.) that can support the FieldSTEM model in the region.
  • Facilitate community partner to school connections. Function as the point of contact for community partners regarding implementation of FieldSTEM, provide leadership, assistance and expertise to community partners.
  • Assist in the development of career‐connected learning opportunities for students.
  • Assist in the development of field‐based learning opportunities for students.

Program Management

  • Oversee the logistics of summer camp with Camp Director and outreach education, including:
    • Curriculum selection;
    • Staff hiring, training, and supervision working closely with KEEN;
    • Volunteer recruitment and management;
    • Supplies and materials procurement; and
    • Program evaluation.
  • Identify grant and funding opportunities to expand and sustain programs

Budget Management

  • Track expenses, milestones, and deliverables for grants and projects.
  • Communicate effectively with grant managers and bookkeeper.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 3+ years of experience as a formal K‐12 educator.
  • Experience working with, motivating, and leading adults; skilled in meeting and workshop facilitation.
  • Dependable, self‐directed, takes initiative to follow through on plans and projects.
  • Professional, positive, creative, flexible.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Effective communicator with a variety of people in direct conversation, on the phone, and through e‐mail
  • Outgoing, committed to education, teachers and students; works well with all people.
  • Up‐to‐date on current initiatives in education, e.g. Common Core, NGSS, Washington State Standards.
  • Ability to provide own transportation; proof of auto insurance coverage; and to pass criminal background check to work with youth.


  • Master’s degree in Environmental Education, Science Education, or related field.
  • Experience supervising adults.
  •  Knowledge of the natural resource, agricultural and environmental science sectors.

Application Process
A complete application will include a cover letter addressing the required and desired qualifications and skills, PEI Employment Application Form, and a resume. Please email one electronic copy of your application to: gkramer@pacificeducationinstitute.org.


About Us
Kittitas Environmental Education Network (KEEN)
KEEN was established as a 501(c)3 in 2000 and has been operating in Kittitas County as an all volunteer organization for the past 16 years. KEEN’s mission is to connect community to nature following the principles of environmental education; teaching people ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think. KEEN believes in lifelong‐learning and provides informal educational opportunities for youth, adults and seniors. KEEN consists of a Board of Directors of highly committed individuals, and several active committees that focus on specific tasks/projects. KEEN focuses work on Kittitas County, but is active in partnering with groups that expand down the Yakima River Valley through Yakima and Benton Counties. Learn more at https://www.ycic.org/.

Pacific Education Institute (PEI)

PEI was founded in 2003 by a consortium of leaders from the public and private natural resource, agriculture and education sectors including the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP), Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), and Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA). PEI’s mission is to advance science literacy and deepen student engagement by empowering educators to teach real‐world science outdoors. PEI’s FieldSTEM model is career connected, locally relevant, integrated, field‐based learning experiences designed to advance science literacy and inspire balanced decision making for a sustainable future. It is a process that employs language and math skills and an understanding of social and natural systems to implement locally relevant science and engineering practices outdoors.
Learn more at https://pacificeducationinstitute.org/.