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Not Just Talking Trash: Marine Debris and What We Can Do About It!

Register for the NOAA planet stewards December Webinar! Join us Monday December 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time

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NOAA Planet Stewards is pleased to welcome Krista Stegemann, the Communications and Education Specialist for NOAA's Marine Debris Program as our featured speaker

Marine debris - trash in the ocean or Great Lakes, is one of the greatest pollution problems facing our waters today. Debris harms wildlife and their habitats, is a hazard to navigation, and impacts the economy and human health. This global issue comes from one source: people. Thankfully, that means that people have the power to solve this problem! Marine debris can be a difficult to talk about without starting to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. The secret to empowering people to become marine debris stewards is focusing on the hopeful side of the issue.

Learn more about the science of marine debris, how to talk about and connect to the problem of this issue, what resources are out there to help you, what we’re still learning about it, and how to get involved in the solution. Everyone can be part of addressing this problem, figuring out where to start is the first step.

Find out more at: NOAA Ocean Services