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SE Seattle Seward Park Native Plant Sale

Seward Park Audubon Center

5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S, Seattle, 98118

Jennie Sheridan
Nature Store Manager
206.652.2444 x 100

Plants for Birds
The Seward Park Audubon Center will offer healthy native plants for sale with advice for selection, planting and care. They provide seeds, berries, and nectar for pollinators like birds, moths, and butterflies, and support an incredible variety of insects compared to non-native species. Upon maturity, native plants can also be easier to maintain because they have developed especially for our climate.

We will have many varieties of plants on-hand this weekend, plus you can get advice from our experts on the plants that will best fulfill your landscaping needs. You can also visit Audubon's Plants for Birds website. This online search engine helps match the attributes you seek with the native plants that will work best in your locale.

Pre-orders will be available the week in our online store now and can be picked up at the sale.

For more information, go to: Seward Park Audubon