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Mount St. Helens Life Explodes: A Biologist-Guided Trip to the Heart of the Blast Zone

Make-or-Break Date: July 15 2017
Meeting Time: TBD, morning of July 22, 2017
Meeting Place: Windy Ridge Viewpoint
Hike Level: Moderate hike over rocky terrain.  Click here to assess your own fitness level.
Requirements: Participants should be in decent shape and able to hike a couple miles on trail.

Max Group Size: 12

Cost: $75.00

Dr. John Bishop 

Hike Description: Hike from Windy Ridge to the Pumice Plain for a look at Mount St. Helens' most devastated landscape, where life was buried by the massive debris avalanche and sterilized by the incandescent pyroclastic flows during the 1980 eruption.  We'll explore the explosive return of life on the Pumice Plain by examining the rapidly-changing geological and biological features from a biologist's viewpoint.  Learn what determines who lives and who dies in one of the Northwest's most extreme natural environments.  This trip entails several miles of hiking over rocky terrain.

For more information, go to: Mount St. Helens Institute