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Worms? Our Favorite Soil Engineers have a Dark Side

Seattle Naturalists Study Group lecture.

Where: Seattle Program Center, 7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Everyone knows earthworms and red wigglers are beneficial, right? In fact, worms have a dark side that appears when they’re introduced to places where they are not native. Earthworms are ecosystem engineers that have fundamental effects on the soil environment — including temperature, moisture, nutrient content, structure, and soilfoodweb biota. This can have cascading effects on natural ecosystem functions and processes.  Are there native worms?  Are there effective pesticides or treatment protocols for invasive worms?  Is anyone working on this problem in the Northwest? 

Clay Antieau is a horticulturist, botanist and environmental scientist with Seattle Public Utilities, and lectures and leads tours throughout the Northwest. He is past president of the Washington Native Plant Society.

 No registration required - just $5 at the door. Attendance is free for members of the Naturalist Study Group. 

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