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March For Science: Across WA

Locations: Spokane, Vancouver, Bellingham and Seattle

Last year we were part of history. On April 22, 2017, more than 1 million people in more than 600 locations across all seven continents joined together in the single largest event in support of science in history - the March for Science.

Last year we demanded that Indigenous voices be heard. Together, we wrote the Indigenous Science Statement - both in support of the March for Science - but also to uplift Indigenous Science. We stated that:

           “We need to engage the power of both Western and Indigenous Science on behalf of the living Earth. Let Us March not just for Science but for Sciences!”

The 2018 March for Science is now upon us!  On April 14, tens of thousands will gather around the world to demand equitable, evidence-based policies that serve all communities.

  What can we do this year?

AMPLIFY: Share the Indigenous Science Statement again on social media and with mass media. Tell your story and why Indigenous Science matters. Share your events with March for Science Indigenous.

ENGAGE: Participate in one of the hundreds of March for Science events around the world and in Washington, DC. Check out the world wide map (events in Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle and Spokane).

EMPOWER: Encourage our youth to speak at a March for Science event near them, read the Indigenous Science Statement at an event or organize a new event on April 14th!!