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New Understandings of Mt. St. Helens

Location: Tualatin Heritage Center, 8700 SW Sweek Drive, Tualatin, Oregon

Speaker:  Sheila Alfsen, MAT, GIT (Oregon State Board Geologic Examiners)
Current instructor of Geology –  Chemeketa Community College, Linn Benton, Portland State University.

The 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington was the worst US volcanic disaster in recorded history.  Geologist Sheila Alfsen, will break down the event into its components, illustrating all volcanic hazards as geologic occurrences with examples from other volcanoes and comparing their relative sizes. Sheila will discuss the advances in volcanology made as result of the eruption, and how they are used around the world to gain prediction and offer disaster mitigation.

For more information, go to: Ice Age Flood Institute