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Webinar: Pathways to Develop Peer Reviewed or Innovative Carbon Offset Projects

The Offset Network and Second Nature are working together to support creative and novel carbon reduction projects implemented within higher education. The Offset Network provides resources, project examples, and a framework for colleges and universities to generate their own carbon offsets. Join this webinar to learn about the pathways for creating Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets that qualify for GHG reporting requirements of both Second Nature’s Carbon and Climate Commitments and AASHE Stars. This includes the process for creating new or modified project protocols, peer-institution verification in place of costly 3rd party accredited verification, and resources for building project documentation. The webinar will walk through the newly updated Offset Network platform, the formalized peer verification process, and resources available to project developers. Attendees will also learn how Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets fit into the context of existing carbon markets and seek to address key barriers preventing medium and small-scale projects from being implemented. 


  • Ruby Woodside, Innovative Services Manager, Second Nature 
  • Tani Colbert-Sangree, Program Coordinator – Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative, Duke University 
  • Quint Newcomer- Sustainability Consultant, Bork Design 
  • Barbara Haya-Research Fellow, California Institute for Energy and Environment, University of California, Berkeley

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