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Wenatchee River Institute: A Digital Landform Tour of the Eastern Cascades

Community Experiences

Red Barn Event | a digital landform tour of the Eastern Cascades, Karl Lillquist PhD

Location: Barn Beach Reserve, 347 Division St., Leavenworth

Join Karl Lillquist PhD, Central WA University Professor of Geography, for a digital landform tour of the Eastern Cascades!

When we think of the Cascade Range, glaciers often come to mind. In fact, Fred Beckey’s classic book is aptly titled “Range of Glaciers”. The same cannot be said of rock glaciers. These elongate to broad deposits of rock and ice that show evidence of movement away from steep slopes in mountainous terrain were traditionally considered key landforms and climate indicators of more continental mountain ranges, where snowfall and winter temperatures are lower than their marine counterparts. Little attention was previously given to rock glaciers in the marine-influenced Cascade Range.

We have identified, mapped, and analyzed rock glaciers across Washington’s Eastern Cascades in an effort to understand how, why, and when they formed. Further, we have used rock glaciers as a tool to better understand permafrost in the Eastern Cascades and its significance as a regional water supply in a warming world. Finally, we have assessed the significance of rock glaciers to the larger picture of Eastern Cascades landscapes over time.

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