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Seattle Aquarium: Knowing—and Loving—the Ocean's Greatest Predator

Location: Seattle Aquarium Cost: $15

Gain insight into ocean health as experts talk with Jeff Renner about challenges faced by marine creatures—and opportunities to heal and protect our marine environment. Audience participation encourages lively dialogue. Events take place at the Seattle Aquarium in the Ackerley Foundation Puget Sound Hall.

Doors open at 7pm; admission includes a reception with light refreshments. 

Learn about the fascinating history of our human relationship to orcas, the majestic—and critically endangered—icons of the Salish Sea. Jason M. Colby, author of Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean’s Greatest Predator, will share stories about the sad era when orcas were trapped and killed, how our perception of them was dramatically transformed, and why it’s vitally important to preserve their dwindling population.
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