E3 Washington is the state’s association for Environmental and Sustainability educators, and is an affiliate of the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE). E3 is a state affiliate of NAAEE and a member of their Leadership 360 team.

Supporting Science, Climate and Environmental Literacy
Washington State is in a unique position to produce a climate and sustainability literate workforce and citizenry. We have the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Environmental and Sustainability Education standards, a CTE Sustainable Design course, Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol, an environmental sustainability pre-service teacher requirement, exemplar school-based programs and a myriad of informal science learning centers and programs - all that stand out nationally.

What we lack is a system to support and scale these opportunities for all students, from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds across the state to fully participate in the Green Economy as innovators, consumers, citizens, and workers.

E3 Washington believes that:
Every young person in Washington state should have high-quality environmental and sustainability education experiences in and out of school that are responsive to community and youth assets, aspirations, and needs.

If you want to talk about partnering or joining E3 Washington, contact Anna Lindstrom, info@e3washington.org


Advocate for high-quality environment and sustainability education with Washington Office of Public Instruction, Governor’s Office, local, state and national entities.

●      Advocate for Environment and Sustainability Education funding in WA, such as the $6M 2019-2020 legislative budget for climate and science literacy professional development.

●      Highlight Environmental and Sustainability Education research, resources and program opportunities.

●      Support a strong and effective professional community of Environmental and Sustainability educators.


Facilitate a series of gatherings for Environmental and Sustainability educators

●      Host regional networking and professional development events across the state and regular workshops to share environmental education resources and experiences.

●      Bring an equity lens to Environmental and Sustainability Education programs by partnering with community based, and social justice organizations.

●      Support the network of existing Environmental and Sustainability Educators and bring new people into the work.


Share Environmental and Sustainability Education resources and provide avenues for virtual communication and networking

●      Launched redesigned E3 Washington website.

●      Create an online map of ESE resources across the state.

●      Connect Washington educators to NAAEE (North American Association of Environmental Education) and EEPro resources.

Environmental and Sustainability Educational Impacts:
Academic Achievement

Relevant Learning
Outdoor Education
Project & Place Based Learning
Student Voice

Interdisciplinary Studies
Problem Solving
Social Emotional Learning

 Environmental Stewardship

Career Preparation



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